5 Must-Watch Documentaries About Gambling

A significant highlight of the film is when casino employees provide insights into their tactics for keeping players engaged and entertained in their pursuit of the elusive jackpot. At the heart of this https://win-vegasplus.com narrative are two poker players,  Dusty Schmidt and Michael Korpi. Michael, once a gifted musician, athlete, and exceptional student, saw his life take a turbulent turn due to his fascination with poker.

It’s a fantastic rundown of the popular industry and one of the best sports betting documentaries not based on a gambler. Life on the Line was released in 2013 and features some of the most legendary names in sports betting. Lending their expert knowledge are professional Vegas bettors Teddy Covers and Erin Rynning. There are also appearances from the Hilton/Las Vegas Hotel oddsmaker, Jay Kornegay, and famous local sports radio talk show hosts Brian Blessing and Ken Thompson (just to name but a few!). The PBS investigative series, Frontline, teamed with The New York Times to deliver a look into the underground world of online sports betting.

  • Adam Doud is a Chicago-based freelance reviewer and has been writing about consumer electronics for over a decade with a particular focus on mobile phones and cellular technology, including the birth of 5G.
  • Through in-depth interviews and personal accounts, Now Place Your Bets gives the lowdown on the past, present, and future of betting in Vegas.
  • He talks to gambling addicts, addiction experts, and his own relatives to try to understand what makes gambling a compulsion some people can’t overcome.
  • There’s a wealth of insightful interviews from the oddsmakers, bookmakers, professional gamblers, sports journalists and many more.

Vegas Surveillance – Cheats and Scams is adocumentary about the importance of surveillance in the modern day gambling business. This documentary features several professionals who are working in the surveillance department who spend their days watching surveillance camera recordings following what is happening in the casino. This documentary follows Don Johnson as he visits casinos that pay for him to come to their casinos and to play. This documentary was released back in 1999 and because of that, the technology used in the documentary might be outdated in 2017. Despite that, this documentary is still a great insight into the importance of technology for casinos and the levels of importance have not been reduced in the recent years. Getting Rich in Las Vegas is another documentary that investigates the life of gamblers in Las Vegas.

The growing addiction rates are frustrating, and the industry is yet to cope with this challenge. Awareness of the possible consequences is the first step towards responsible gambling. Top professional sports bettors gather in Las Vegas during the Super Bowl weekend, the year’s most significant betting event. The professionals bet astutely based on observations and past wins, while novices and risk-takers bet hastily and often lose big. In an interview with Peter Robinson, Steve Wynn discusses his career and circumstances that led him to become the biggest casino developers in the world. This documentary is a different look at the history of Las Vegas as well as the history of thegambling industry in the United States. Focusing more on the role of the city in the lives of different kind of people, this documentary provides great insight into the essence of this city and how gambling industry has affected that essence.

What are the best gambling documentaries?

The cast of characters makes viewing all the more compelling, with Brad the Conductor, John the Banker, and Mikey Tats. Jon Bulette, the producer, takes you deep into the New York underground poker scene and explains how it impacted the lives of all those involved. Thousands of dollars being exchanged every night was just a regular occurrence, without the law and gambling authorities ever getting close to the tables and players. In this film, Theroux delves into the extravagant and high-stakes world of gambling in Las Vegas exploring both the glitz and glamour and the darker side of the industry. He spends time with high-rolling gamblers, casino owners, and individuals struggling with gambling addiction.

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The film provides a thought-provoking exploration of the evolving landscape of online poker and its effects on both the players and the industry as a whole. Through interviews with professional gamblers, high rollers, and casino owners, Theroux delves into the psychology of gambling addiction and the impact it can have on individuals and their families. He also shines a light on the tactics used by casinos to keep customers coming back, including the use of loyalty schemes and free drinks. The gambling documentary, “Out of Luck” suggests that the biggest “casinos” in America are the lotteries. The film explores the fact that the poorest and least-educated Americans are negatively affected by state-run lotteries, and 15 percent of lottery players provide a surprising 80 percent of lottery profits. He purchased more than a million dollars in lottery tickets at his store and, eventually, became bankrupt. Alexis Conran also takes a look at the issue of online casinos or online gambling that is available at any given time in the entire United Kingdom.

The tech section is overseen by consumer tech and electronics editor Rebecca Isaacs, an expert who has extensive experience going hands-on with devices, including many on this list. A good gaming projector will need to be sufficiently bright to cast a picture in the room. If you have a projector with around 1,000 lumens, you can see the picture pretty well in a room with open windows, but darkness will improve things drastically. Brighter than that will allow the projector to compensate for more light leakage, with a projector in the neighborhood of 2,000 to 2,500 lumens able to be seen in a brightly lit room. One of the best parts about having a projector instead of a TV is the wide range of screen sizes you can get out of a single unit. Sometimes you just want to go wire-free for your gaming and for your TV-watching pleasure.

The American Psychiatric Association classifies gambling addiction on the same level as a drug or alcohol addiction. One expert even stated gambling addiction treatment is about 20 years behind, which is why many people don’t get the right type of help. Luckia Casino The top professional sports bettors arrive in Las Vegas during Super Bowl Weekend, which is the year’s biggest betting event. The professionals bet wisely based on observations and past wins, while the novices or risk-takers bet hastily and lose big.

A unique character-driven documentary, it focuses on the lives of several people who have chosen to make a living out of sports betting. These people have chosen this life even if it often chews up and spits out the best among them. Released in 2013, it talks about the sports betting scene in Vegas and which methods pro sports bettors use to bet on the Super Bowl and other significant events. In this popular sports gambling documentary, some bettors include Teddy Covers, Steve Fezzik, and legendary oddsmaker Jay Kornegay. It’s a fantastic insight into the life of pro-Vegas bettors and how they prepare themselves for mythical bets on the most prominent events. Each documentary on the list shows how addictive gambling can be therefore there is always something to learn from movie gambling providers. Casinos use tricks to engage players and motivate them to invest more money, promising insane winnings.

“Gamblers Like Me: The Dark Side Of Sports Betting”

It has full support for HDR10 and HLG standards, and with a brightness of 4,000 lumens, it can easily reproduce eye-popping colors and impressive contrast for a projector. It’s not going to match the best gaming TVs, but good luck getting one of those that can create a 300-inch screen if you have the space for it. Make sure you have room for the projector too, since this is a standard throw design that will need to sit several metres from the screen. The documentary explores the legal challenges, financial implications, and personal journeys of players affected by the events leading to the shutdown of major online poker platforms in the U.S. It offers a comprehensive view of the poker industry’s transformation, from its initial surge in popularity to the subsequent regulatory crackdown. This documentary, made in collaboration with the New York Times, tells the story of the origins of fantasy sports betting. With the authorities cracking down on it, the film traces it back for years to where it all started and how it became such a booming business.

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Throughout, “Gambling in Las Vegas” underscores the stark reality that gambling addiction can affect anyone. The documentary serves as a sharp and detailed examination of the world of casinos, shedding light on its darker dimensions and the potential for its alluring nature to lead to destructive consequences. These films throw a look into real-life experiences, including stories of addiction and challenges faced by different individuals. They offer a glimpse into both the negative and positive aspects of gambling, providing a balanced perspective on the topic. Additionally, the chart above shows Apple has the lowest P/E and price-to-free cash flow of any stock on this list, making it one of the cheapest high profile investment options in tech and gaming. The company offers a unique but lucrative way to invest in video games, so consider its stock this December. It benefits from a 4,000 lumens bulb, which gives it plenty of brightness for vibrant games in both SDR and HDR modes, and its bulb is rated to last 15,000 hours; that’s close to two years of 24/7 gaming.

Essentially, you have all the power at your disposal to play almost any AAA gaming title at the highest graphics settings. Adam Doud is a Chicago-based freelance reviewer and has been writing about consumer electronics for over a decade with a particular focus on mobile phones and cellular technology, including the birth of 5G. In addition to Forbes and SlashGear, he has bylines at Android Central, Reviewed.com, Android Authority, Lifewire and more.

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In it, Conran teams up with Wilson, Clement, Lintott and Parsons to demonstrate confidence tricks, magic illusions, distraction scams and proposition bets on unsuspecting members of the public. Through these escapades, Conran hopes to provide an insight into the perils of addiction and equip viewers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions when it comes to gambling. Gambling documentaries are one of the best ways to dip into the casino atmosphere and discover it from the inside. Such entertainment has plenty of benefits, including tons of fun, a chance to feel like James Bond, and win real money.

The UK-based The Real Hustler follows Alexis Conran and his journey to uncover how and why his gambling addict father was put behind bars. It’s a personal, forthright, and real-life viewpoint on how gambling addiction can ruin a family and everything linked to that family as well. Marriages, careers, and houses can be lost instantly when recreational gambling becomes an addiction. Conran looks into the links between online casinos and the growing number of addicts while also showing firsthand how various companies try to help those who become problem gamblers. England, Las Vegas, and a personal quest to find out important answers is what you can expect from The Real Hustler.