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First of all, the game offers a bigger and more sustainable RTP, decreasing thus the house edge. With such player-friendly circumstances, it is no wonder that a growing number of professional players are choosing Spanish blackjack. Blackjack has been a favorite casino game since as early as the 17th century. Spanish 21 is a Hispanic blackjack variation without 10s in which the player’s 21 always wins.

So, to learn how to beat Spanish 21, we recommend going through a well-planned Spanish blackjack chart. Applying the perfect Spanish 21 strategy results in considerably sustainable wins. It can be pretty easy to win huge sums on this crash casino game game as long as you follow the right Spanish 21 strategy. Experienced players of the famous card game know what we’re talking about. Of course, the Match the Dealer side bet relies on luck much more than the basic gameplay bets.

If you’re looking for the best casino for your country or area, you’ll find it on this page. The CasinosOnline team reviews online casinos based on their target markets so players can easily find what they need. For high-rollers who prefer risk, there are also amazing bonus bets, including Match the Dealer. All in all, Spanish blackjack is a thrilling, immersive casino game you have to try if you like card games. As a game of skills, this title comes with the Spanish 21 strategy sheet.

  • Jacks, Queens, and Kings remain, but all natural 10’s are removed from every deck used at the table.
  • Depending on the shoe, either 6 or 8, the probability of scoring this bonus is about 1 in 668,382 and 1 in 549, 188, respectively.
  • An Envy Bonus of $50 is paid to all Players that made a wager during that round of play.
  • If a player doubles on a score of 10 or under made with an Ace (e.g. Ace + 6) and the player receives another card e.g. a 4, giving an Ace + 6 + 4 this is 21 and not 11.
  • Perhaps one of the biggest advantages it has over its siblings is the option to re-split and re-double whenever.

This reduces the odds of receiving a ten and tips the game in the house’s favour, which they make up for by providing more bonus prizes with large potential payouts. Players are allowed to double down once on any two or more cards, with any total, even after splitting. When a player chooses to double down, he can place any bet up to a maximum of his original bet. Many prefer this variation of blackjack as the odds are stacked in the player’s favor.

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Spanish 21 is a version of Blackjack that balances a higher house edge with more play options, additional bonus prizes, and large potential payouts. The game follows the same basic rules as standard Blackjack, but with so many new choices and options, it’s best to learn as much as you can before playing. When playing Spanish 21 you have the option of splitting any cards of equal value, including aces, to create a maximum of four hands.


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Learn How To Play Spanish 21

Bets from $5 to $24 pay a Super Bonus of $1000 and bets of $25 or more pay a Super Bonus of $5000. If a Super Bonus occurs, an Envy Bonus of $50 is paid to every other active player at the table. Many readers have expressed doubt about my advice to hit 17 against an ace with 3 or more cards. The player will save about 2.8% of the initial wager by hitting as opposed to standing. The dealers will advise against this play and the other players may curse the day you were born, but trust me, the odds favor hitting. On a final note, blackjack online games are still one of the best ones to play at online casino establishments, just as well as brick-and-mortar ones. It is advisable to consider the overall casino’s reputation and trustworthiness, just to be sure you’re wagering your money with a credible business.

Here’s a “cue” card that you can use, even while playing at casinos. Standard Blackjack only lets you double down on your first two cards. In Spanish 21, you can double down even after you’ve hit for a third, fourth, fifth – any number of cards. Some casinos allow re-doubling, on a hand that’s already been doubled. Your double down bet can be anything below or matching your original bet.

FAQ about Spanish 21

The Bonus 21 is paid out on split hands, but split hands void the Super Bonus. The last notable difference between standard blackjack and Spanish 21 rules is reaching 21. Most other blackjack variants condition the players to push whenever they get this hand, but not Spanish 21. This rule also applies to situations where you and the dealer land this lucky number. The rules of standard blackjack and its Spanish counterpart are similar.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 7 players

While playing Spanish 21, you’ll notice the method is primarily synonymous with Blackjack’s definitive version. In the beginning stage of the game, you need to place your bets in the betting spot. The dealer then deals out the initial hand, and you’ll then have to choose your next move. The procedures in Spanish 21 are named the same – Hit, Split Stand, and Double.

Ultimate Spanish 21 Guide – What Is Spanish 21 Blackjack?

Namely, the house edge for the Match the Dealer bet can be as high as 3.63%. However, the not so original Match the Dealer side bet might be familiar to seasoned blackjack players. To win the Match the Dealer stake, your hand needs to correspond to the dealer’s one. Crucially, Late Surrender is acceptable in Spanish blackjack game. Namely, you can give up your hand if you’re feeling risk-averse. For instance, if you’re facing the dealer’s picture card with your 15, you might want to pull a surrender. In a nutshell, you’re preventing potentially huge losses by taking the surrender move.

It basically allows players to bet if one or both of their preliminary cards will match the dealer’s face up card. Or, if they want to try, they might want to apply one of the blackjack bankroll management strategies found in this guide. For various Blackjack veterans out there, Spanish 21 is considered one of the most effective variations of the game. And generally, the amount you can win will only be lucrative, provided that you follow the right strategy! While we would typically suggest using our basic Blackjack strategy sheet, we highly recommend using the Spanish 21 cheat sheet found below instead, which considers all the rules. If you analyze the chart and relate it with a regular blackjack strategy, you will notice a few exceptions, mainly due to the tens being dropped from the deck.