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There are both ascending and descending triangles depending on the trend of the price of the stock. There’s also the so-called symmetrical triangle—neither if its sides is a horizontal support or resistance line. When breakouts really do occur, there are a few patterns that they tend to follow. Knowing what these are can help you to better trade a breakout and know when you should enter or exit a certain trade. So before you start placing your buy orders at your planned entry point, you’ll need to pick one of the following exit points for your breakout trade.

  • That’s why breakout trading is one of my favorite trading strategies for this year.
  • The momentum grows as prices grind higher on rising volume.
  • Also keep an eye out for positive earnings surprises and upward revisions in earnings estimates.
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  • For example, a breakout to the upside from a chart pattern could indicate the price will start trending higher.

This is because a small breakout may be less risky than a larger one, and can be easier to predict. And if you are focusing on finding a small breakout, even if it doesn’t take off, you still may make a little money just by buying and selling a stock bollinger bands strategy at a few cents difference. This just goes to show that the information driving the change in a chart is just as important as the chart itself. This results in a complete reversal and the price of the stock begins to plummet after the breakout.

Stocks are not the only assets which break beyond support and resistance levels. Any financial assets, be it commodities, forex or cryptocurrencies can have breakouts from necessary support day trading mistakes and resistance levels. No matter what breakout strategy you are going for, or what commodity you are trading, you need to set an exit point for every breakout trade you attempt.


With the market for AI chips expected to grow by leaps and bounds, there should be more than enough room for Intel to win a lucrative slice of the business. However, in truth, the best way to invest is by employing a buy-and-hold strategy. Rather than trying to find quick wins, it’s better to look for long-term trends, and then invest in companies that can benefit from those trends for years to come.

  • Another way is to use a real-time intraday breakout stock screener that will alert you to stocks that are breaking out.
  • From there, the stock will then stall for a period of time, and this price action is what forms the flat base.
  • It’s your list of stocks that you monitor for potential trading opportunities.
  • The market is within the box, which means it is a no trading zone.
  • Trades will not move favourably forever, and reversals occur regularly.

Here are seven ways to identify and profit from potential breakout stocks. Because they’re holding a stock for much longer than in a day trade, they pay more attention to the stock’s chart history. They need to recognize which way a stock’s trending and where it may go over the next several days, weeks, or even months. With bitcoin hitting record highs in February, crypto-related stocks are hot.

Trades will not move favourably forever, and reversals occur regularly. A thorough strategy will allow you to take profits while they are still there. A cup and handle pattern​ is a common chart pattern formation for both individual stocks and stock indices​. It occurs when the price falls from a high point but then gradually recovers to that level.


One pattern that can point to a new breakout is the head and shoulders, which is viewed as a reliable indication of a trend reversal. In early 2016, Royal Dutch Shell stock saw an inverse head and shoulders that took it from a long downward trend into an upward one. That low was finally broken on 6 February when the stock opened below 345. This led to a major move lower, with Standard Life Aberdeen shares hitting 220 on 9 February. Throughout this move, the previous support area was repeatedly tested as a new level of resistance.

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Eventually, there are no more pullbacks as buyers swarm in causing prices to breakout through resistance. This pattern is also identified as an ascending triangle breakout. Another way is to use a real-time intraday breakout stock screener that will alert you to stocks that are breaking out.

The stock symbol pops up on intra-day stock scanners and tickers around trading desks as it draws more eyeballs to the action. If a popular financial news channel mentions the stock, then even more players enter the fray. It is a technical analysis term defining a price movement that passes a resistance level. This can happen on any time frame and is always best when confirmed with volume.

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Over the next several months, it repeatedly failed to move beyond the 390 level, while finding support just above 345. A breakout consists of a set-up, breakout, and confirmation. Upon confirmation, previous resistance should act as new support.

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Breakout stocks are shares that move beyond their support or resistance level. A key concept in technical analysis, breakouts can indicate that a stock is about to make a significant move. You’ve forex flag patterns heard the term breakout used to describe stocks that are rising. It’s a common technical analysis term used by investors and traders. They draw interest, volume, price appreciation and attention.